Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Enough excuses! I'm officially back!

Emily is healthy, school starts tomorrow, my nights are no longer interrupted by multiple nursing sessions, and I'm a new person, new mom, new wife, new worker, and new blogger! I am also super-inspired by the recent Vida Vegan Conference -- a recent gathering of vegan bloggers in Portland, my favorite city (wish I coulda joined y'all! Shout out to Jen G. and all my pals who got to go!). I heard it was a tremendous success.

I've been blogging "in my head" for months now so I have some great ideas I'd like to share. With a family of 4 to feed (and the challenges with feeding one child with no teeth and another with multiple food allergies), I've had to be pretty creative.

A special thank-you to my loyal readers (many who continue to comment on old posts), family, and friends (you especially, JH) who have supported me through a pretty hellish year. Love ya, babes.

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Leigh said...

So glad to hear that Emily is back to healthy!