Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sprouting for Beginners - Day 4

Now we're in business. I would say that the majority of the beans have sprouted. It's time to get munching!

I tried each one separately, and they're quite tasty. The flavors are hard to describe -- my mom says they're "grassy" -- they are crunchy, slightly (but not unpleasantly) bitter, and even a little sweet. The ones that don't have shoots are still edible.

I'm leaving them to sprout a bit more, and tonight I'll rinse them well in cold water and store them in a covered container in the fridge. I plan on adding them to a big green salad tonight. Anyone have any recipe ideas for fresh bean sprouts?

When I was in Hawaii in 2005, I bought prepared Raw Hummus from a health food store. It was one of the most delicious hummuses I've ever had, and I was told that it was made with sprouted garbanzo beans. I'd like to try to recreate the recipe, so my next sprouting attempt will be 100% garbanzo beans. Stay tuned!

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EL said...

i'm so glad your sprout project has been a success! the only beans i've ever sprouted were garbanzos for the same reason you wrote of - i ate some incredible hummus at a raw foods restaurant and went home to recreate it! my first attempt was a bust. had to throw out my beans b/c they spoiled. (didn't rinse enough and didn't keep cool enough i think). but my second time around - yum!! loved it. third time was good but not as great as the second but not sure why. course, it still tastes better to me when i don't have to make it:) best of luck!!