Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sprouting for Beginners - Day 3

It's working! The sprouting has begun! This is such an amazing process for a preschooler to see; I'm pretty impressed too.

The blend I'm using is a mixture of mung, adzuki, and garbanzo beans, and as you can see by the photo (click to enlarge it), the mung beans have started to sprout. The adzukis and garbanzos look ready to pop any minute. I'm pretty psyched about this, because I've read in several places that the ideal sprouting temperature is 70 degrees F, and my kitchen is a chilly 65. But this does not seem to have posed a problem.

I've been rinsing with warm water 3 times a day, as the instructions indicate. This would present a challenge for folks who are not accessible to their sprouts throughout the day, so right after work on a Friday (or whatever time starts a 2+ -day stretch at home) is a good time to start a sprouting cycle. For families with children, this is a nice task for them to help out with.

I'm curious to see what happens with the 3 different beans, and if I will have to remove the mung beans first (I hope not!), as it seems that OVERsprouting is a real possibility. At the point of oversprouting, the sprouts begin to grow leaves and taste bitter.

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