Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Modern convenience meets old-fashioned wholesomeness

Speaking of Lazy Food (see my last post), I can get even lazier -- how about things you just open, heat, and eat? Anyone who's eaten at my house or heard me lecture at a conference knows that I'm a big fan of high-quality convenience food. Don't get me wrong -- I love to cook, and I often cook meals from scratch. But I also love having a career, being a homemaker, and being a wife and mom. So sometimes cooking goes on the back burner (so to speak)... but we all still have to eat.

I just got back from Whole Foods, where I got a bunch of Amy's entrees. I just adore this company. They really make an effort to use natural, organic ingredients, and all of their stuff is labeled VEGAN when it is so. I bought the frozen veggie pot pie, which DS absolutely loves (and is a guilt-free hot meal from Mom). I also got the Shepherd's Pie (which, incidentally, is also wheat/gluten free). I'm looking forward to trying that. I've tried their dairy-free roasted vegetable pizza, black bean burritos, chilis, and many, many soups (my pantry is NEVER without at least 4 cans of Amy's soups -- love the lentil, pasta-3 bean, rice and bean, and of course the alphabet soup... we usually mix the alphabet soup with a beany soup to give it more protein and calories for DS, who LOVES the tomato broth and all the letters).

Thanks, Amy and her parents! (Amy's parents founded the company, named after their daughter Amy).

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