Tuesday, November 8, 2011

No time? Ideas for quick vegan meals

Pictured here is Soy Boy ravioli, jarred marinara, carrot sticks, and blanched broccoli. A yawner of a dinner but it turns out that everyone loves it and it is SO easy to make. I just boil the ravioli, put the broccoli in the water towards the end of cooking, and slice up some carrots. Both kids gobble it up (no raw carrots for the baby of course). They love plain pasta too, they don't always get excited about tofu. "Hidden" in this way, they get an extra boost of protein and calcium in the meal.

I have more nights than I'd like to admit where I don't have time to make a meal totally from scratch. Here are a few more throw-together ideas that both kiddos like, using what I like to call "healthy convenience food helpers":

- Leftover or quick-cook brown rice with mixed frozen vegetables, crumbled felafel, and a vegan jarred sauce
- Canned "no chicken noodle" soup with saltine crackers and sliced raw fruits and veggies (Emily still can't chew so she gets frozen vegetables added to the soup)
- Frozen seitan "riblets" with microwaved potatoes and a big salad (Emily gets pureed or soft-cooked veggies)
- veggie burger or nuggets with peas and sliced apples/applesauce

Any other ideas welcomed!!

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