Thursday, March 19, 2009

MTV serves up a Side of Truth

Compassion Over Killing is doing a great job making restaurants rethink their offerings. This commercial, which is being aired nationally by MTV, is making an impact.

This article from QSR (Quick Service Restaurant magazine), entitled "Will a MTV Commercial Negatively Affect Your Sales?", shows the commercial and explains the reasons Compassion Over Killing gives for creating these commercials. The article is interesting in that it is geared towards quick-serve restaurant owners (like fast foods and fast-casual), and it's informative without a lean (positive or negative).

Hopefully, this commercial, as well as other efforts such as consumer demand, will result in more vegan items appearing on menus. As that happens, more and more people will opt for these choices, and there will be less meat consumed overall. It's a win-win-win: for the restaurants, for the consumer's health, and for the animals.

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