Friday, March 12, 2010

Green Smoothie Yumminess

What took me so long? I've been reading about green smoothies for ages (fruit smoothie with leafy green veggies thrown in) but I just never got up the nerve to try it. Kale and spinach ... in my fruity breakfast? Well what finally got me was this video by Julieanna Hever, fellow vegan dietitian (and quite possibly my new BFF). She promised that I wouldn't even taste the greens. And she was right! The secret is including a frozen banana every time. I've been having one every other day for breakfast (alternating with whole grain hot cereal with fresh fruit and nuts and flax), and I feel great! Watch her video and give it a try! And for more yumminess and great healthy vegan tips from Julieanna, visit her web site and blog.


dreaminitvegan said...

I love this green smoothie recipe. I met Julieanna at the Farm Walk in Ventura last year. She is so full of life and enthusiastic, great gal!

Amanda said...

I just started making/eating green smoothies over a week ago and it makes me feel so good to know I'm getting more greens in my diet!