Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The New Trend in Fast Food

Yesterday the family took a day trip to Manhattan and went to the top of the Empire State Building, wandered down 5th Ave, and had a lovely time overall. When 6:00 struck we were all in the mood for a veggie food fix -- would have loved Candle 79, but not with a tired 3-year-old! So instead we hoofed it over to Better Burger on 3rd Ave. Better Burger? You'd Better Believe It! Next to Josie's (a mostly veg, beautiful restaurant and owned by the same folks), Better Burger is just that -- they offer traditional beef and turkey varieties (hormone- and antibiotic-free) as well as 2 vegan varieties: veggie grain and soy. Other vegan offerings include soy hot dogs, chili, and smoothies.

We tried the spinach salad with tofu, grain/veg burger, and hot dog. With air-baked fries, of course. We shared everything and really enjoyed it.

Better Burger has 3 locations in NYC; visit their web site to find out more.

Interested in more such places? They're starting to open up everywhere! Here are just a few I know of; do you know of any more?

Veggie Grill
Elevation Burger (opening a location in my town soon!)
vg burgers

Hopefully these new places will redefine Fast Food as we know it!

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Daniel said...

Hi! I live in So.Cal., in the "Inland Empire," one of the Republican voting regions. . . You could have knocked me over with a feather last night--behind schedule and had to go through a drive-thru, and I discovered our local chain has a new Vegetarian Menu! Baker's Drive Thru--they're a burgers and Mexican food chain. Granted, most of it contains cheese or eggs, but one could order sans cheese. And, they sell Boca burgers. (I used to like Gardenburgers myself, but, HEY! It'll do!) About 1/3 of their 36 establishments even have a slightly extended veggie menu. I am spreading the word! I hope it's a trend!